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I am pleased to welcome you to my website.

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/ / Welcome

I am pleased to welcome you to my website. Here you can discover an interactive web experience. It works much like a television series. I will write the first episode of the story, the "webseries", if you will, and you will write the next.

It works like this: it is a bit like a "cadavre-exquis". Let me explain the term. A cadavre-exquis is a kind of group painting. The second starts from where the first left off. However the first paitor's work is hidden from view, except for a tiny bit directly beside the second's section and so on.

/ / Life-death.

Pedal to the floor, the chorus from "America" on his mind, smiling, nothing could stop him. He wanted to go as fast as the music and, despite the red light, he kept going through the intersection.

So late at night, the streets were empty. He was unstoppable. Providence seemed to be on his side, so why did he want to test its limits, or more?

He was searching for a lost feeling, something ephemeral, intensable. The initial moments of a first encounter, when everything is so unique and precious that we spend all of our life addicted to those moments.